miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2024



Good morning dear readers, how are you? I am happy to write to you again and bring you lots of ideas. By the way I'm already very active on instagram and I'm making reels of outfits so you have lots of ideas every day. So I recommend you not to miss it because I have many ideas in mind. I can't believe how fast April ended, for me it was a great month because it was my birthday and I had a lot of gifts, I love gifts.

As April is over, it's May, and the amazing thing about May is that graduation parties are coming up, I can't believe it. I love these balls because we can choose a nice dress and feel wonderful that night. That's why I thought I would share with you some amazing bouquet ideas.

By the way, these rose bouquet ideas will be useful for any special occasion or just to decorate your home. So below I will give you a lot of beautiful ideas and I hope you will like them very much. A mega tip is to choose flowers in different shades of the same color, I assure you that it will be very beautiful, for example you can choose all white or all pink, to get a sophisticated bouquet.

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