viernes, 28 de abril de 2023

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Hi guys, how are you? I'm too positive because I found some great images. Before I start, I had chicharron for breakfast. If you don't know this dish, I swear you are missing out on a delicious dish. 

As I was telling you, I found some great images that I think everyone should read or watch for once in their lives. I feel that these images are survival images that may be useful to you someday. 

If you like any image you can save it. Seriously don't waste your time with this cool content. That's all I have to say and now look at the images. 

None of the images belong to me.

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Hello dear readers, how are you? I apologize for having disappeared. But I promise that now I will bring you great ideas that you will love and I will try not to disappear so much. I only hope for your unconditional support.

In today's post I will tell you how to look gorgeous with these haircuts for you. To have a great style you must choose the perfect cut. I know that sometimes it's hard to choose what cut we should have. 

You don't necessarily have to have very short hair, you can have a medium cut. This will make your laugh lines less noticeable. 

Another hairstyle that would also make you look fantastic is the short bob, since it is characterized by being very versatile. With this hairstyle you can wear the nape of your neck shorter and the sides longer. It is a type of haircut that favors everyone. 

sábado, 22 de abril de 2023

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Good evening friends, how was your day? I have two meetings for tonight. One is my best friend's birthday and the other is my uncle's 50th birthday party. Hehe yeah I know, I'm stressed out already. I would like to go to only 1 but my mom wants me to go to both. So I will go to both. What I love about writing is that my kitty is always with me.

This time I bring you some great outfits for the street. I know some of us want to go out in style. So, I got some great ideas that you will love.

For example a stylish look is converse with white pants and oversize shirts. Wow it would look great. Another look would be to wear a bell bottom jumpsuit and converse. Too comfortable.

A mega tip is the 3 color rule. When putting together an outfit choose only 3 colors, this will elevate your look and make you look more elegant and harmonious.