lunes, 27 de febrero de 2023

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Hello beautiful women, how are you? here I am surviving this terrible heat. You know, I would like to know what season you are in. I'd like to know so I can see what post to upload, because sometimes I run out of ideas. 

You know how I would love to go on a trip to a little beach, to enjoy the sun, but with a beautiful beach. Because of course, I have the burning sun here, but there are no nice beaches here. So, thinking about it, I started looking for flights and everything related to that. You know what I found, well, definitely not cheap tickets, but comfortable outfits to go on a trip.

So, this time I bring you some great outfits that I hope you like a lot. They are very comfortable. Because traveling is tedious, it depends, that's why we should be as comfortable as possible. I hope you like these ideas. 

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Good afternoon beautiful women, how are you? here I am a little discouraged on Sunday, I don't know if it's the hormones, or just that the day is like this. Today is carnival here, it is celebrated by throwing water balloons at people, when I was a child I used to play a lot, but now the ones I know don't go out anymore, some of them have children and everyone has their own things. 

But well, you have to take advantage of the time and that's why I have a lot of posts for today. I hope you like it because we have to make the most of our time.

This time I bring you some amazing dresses, I know you are going to love them. The dresses are super cool and comfortable. When it's too hot, these dresses are your best option.

Some tips to look great are: if you opt for an all black look, add a touch of lightness with accessories and details in bronze, gold or silver.

It is also important that you know how to combine clothes and colors, but it is vital that you have fun adding your personal touch to each outfit. For example, if you have seen Emily in Paris, you will see that she is very colorful or flashy when it comes to dressing.

viernes, 24 de febrero de 2023

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Hi girls, how are you? I'm a little discouraged about something that just happened, but well, I'm not going to be sad, but on the contrary, I'm going to give it my all. By the way, here I am with my kitty, my cute boy, he is so affectionate. I hope you see him on insta stories, because he is so cute.

Well girls, since spring is coming for some people, I thought I would bring you a great post. This time I bring you 20 ideas of nails for spring. Do you dare to wear spectacular nails?

By the way, I will start using instagram more, so you can follow me on instagram, my user is @valemoodsblog I promise I will upload great content.