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Good afternoon dear readers, how are you? I am a little sad about some things I found out. I am going to tell you a little about this, I have a cousin who studied “chef” but does not want to practice because he is afraid and always looks for any job except what he has studied. My mom loves him like a son and literally gives him money, buys him clothes, but to be honest I have never seen him buy anything for my mom, and I'm talking about when he has a job, he has never given her a chocolate or anything. That's why she told me that she understands him, because his mother's mother treated her badly, and the same thing has happened with my cousin, his father has treated him badly, that's why he has no character and is immature. But what made me sad is what happened with my mom, I didn't know that his mom had treated him so bad. Well that's a little summary. But I still think that doesn't justify his character because when someone wants to get ahead he does everything and works until he achieves that goal. 

But I don't want to make you feel bad, and now let's talk about today's post that I came up with because you know that I love to see home decorating ideas. I love all styles, really, I love the minimalist style but I also love the rustic style, but also the modern style or all black for example. Uff there are so many ideas to choose from.

So this time I bring you some ideas to have a very nice house and today's style will be pastel colors and vintage style. I assure you that you will love these colors because they give me peace and tranquility. It looks so pretty and with potential to make content for instagram if you want to have a cooking channel. Uff I would love to have a dessert channel, but I can't eat too many sweets because I get pimples on my face.

Remember that how you decorate your house, that also expresses your personality, every place will have your special touch. For example, I love white, that's why my room is white. Having a nice house is not very expensive, you just have to know how to choose stores and offers. Every corner of your home well decorated is a testimony of love and dedication. Now I will show you many beautiful ideas.

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