jueves, 18 de mayo de 2023

mayo 18, 2023 1



Hello beautiful women, how are you? I noticed that I haven't posted anything for 1 week. You don't know how bad I feel, because I really feel like I posted yesterday, but I look at the date and no my friends, it was 1 week ago. I promise you this weekend a lot of cool ideas and tips that will help you a lot. As for me, I'm a little stressed about classes but I know I'll be fine.

Now changing the subject, the first one is a wonderful time where it is neither hot nor cold. I love this weather too much because I can wear whatever I want and do my hair any way I want to. I have super long hair so in the heat my hair is too hot, but in the winter my hair makes me very warm. But in the spring, I can style my hair however I want, I can wear my hair down without a drop of sweat as well as tie my hair in a ponytail.

So, I thought I would share with you some hairstyle ideas for beautiful spring. These ideas are great because since it's spring you can have your hair straight but with these haircuts that will make you look gorgeous. 

jueves, 11 de mayo de 2023

mayo 11, 2023 3



Good evening dear friends, how are you? the truth is that I am too tired, I can't stand being tired anymore, I am too sleepy. I come home from college and I fall asleep until 11 o'clock at night, but you may think that when I wake up I have more energy, but it's not like that. The truth is that I'm dying of sleep and I want to keep on sleeping. 

But I will always take time to write to you because I love you too much. I love this community and I love sharing so much advice with you. This time I bring you 30 great outfits for women over 50. Yes as you read, that's a lot of outfit ideas. 

I will also give you some tips to always dress well. I know these tips will be very helpful and you will look fantastic. Now I will give you these great tips.

- You shouldn't force yourself to wear a brand name. Just because something that is branded becomes trendy, you should not buy that, don't spend your money on nonsense. For example, vintage is back.

- Don't copy someone else's look. I would say it's good to be inspired, but don't copy other people's outfits. Because people will always give their opinion, I don't know how people are such stalkers and find out everything. Like Selena Gomez and Hayley copying each other. 

- Regarding the makeup, I advise you to choose a natural makeup, very basic like mascara and a natural lipstick. That's for any age.