lunes, 4 de marzo de 2024

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Good afternoon, how are you? I'm watching my favorite series while I'm writing this, that's why this post will be a little small and because I'll have to go out later. This week is the week of hairstyles because I will bring you a lot of hairstyle ideas that you will love.

This time I will share with you some ideas of short hairstyles with bangs. This type of hairstyle with this type of cut seems to me a perfect combination. Therefore, I recommend you to dare to do it because you will look great and it is a great cut for summer and spring. 

Also if you already have short hair, you can also find a lot of hairstyle ideas because sometimes it's hard to find hairstyles for short hair. From what I see this hairstyle plus a red lipstick is the perfect combination.

marzo 04, 2024 0



Good morning dear readers, what are you doing? I hope you have an excellent start of the week and that you are doing great, that you get many blessings and that you have very good news. I want to start with this post that I hope you like it very much. As I said I want to bring you a post a day that I hope you like so you don't run out of ideas so when you enter my blog you have a new post to read.

As always I'm watching a novel, although I'm waiting for my favorite novel that is about to begin. Then I'll do some chores. I also have to exercise because if I don't I feel like I haven't done anything all day and I get depressed. I only walk for 30 minutes though. That's a good thing for me.

Well dear readers, today I bring you hairstyle ideas for round faces. If you have this type of face like me this post is for you, no matter how old you are. 

For example, the bob is the classic haircut that has been evolving and has been recreated in many ways and it never goes out of style. It can vary in size, it can be straight or wavy. You can pair it with bangs. If you are a woman over 40, you can use light tones to lighten your skin and look more youthful.