domingo, 23 de junio de 2024

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Good morning dear readers, how are you? today I bring you a new post in this blog and I hope you like it. It's about time I bring you a post especially for men and that's why I'm writing this with the help of a friend. Because as you saw in the title the post is about casual work outfits for men. Obviously I will also give you a lot of top tips to look great.

These outfits are casual and that doesn't mean lack of professionalism. It is an elegant casual style, more comfortable and in a way it makes you look cool at the office. So here are some ideas to keep you comfortable and stylish at the office:

- The first thing is to opt for cotton or linen shirts in solid colors or with subtle patterns. Oxford shirts are an excellent choice for a casual yet polished look. Remember to choose a few neutral colors, as that goes with any outfit. 

- Choose pants in neutral colors such as beige, navy blue or gray as you can easily combine them with many outfits.

- A super basic is to have a light sweater as this can be worn over a button down shirt.

- When it comes to shoes I think you should choose derby shoes, loafers or even dressy sneakers to complement your outfit. A rule of law is that you should avoid sneakers that are too casual. That's not elegant at all.

- Finally, don't forget accessories like a smart watch, a leather belt and a trendy work bag can add a finishing touch to your outfit. Especially if the bag is made of leather. There is nothing more elegant.

Finally, don't forget that the key to business casual is finding a balance between comfort and professionalism. Therefore, the most important thing is that you invest in versatile and good quality garments that you can combine in multiple ways. 

miércoles, 19 de junio de 2024

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Good afternoon dear readers, how are you? here I am appearing for the second time this month. Yes I know, I disappear but I tell you that I have been training to give you the best tips in this blog. Wow I missed writing here but I also had a lot of problems that I hope can be solved and free me from so much stress.

Every time I get stressed, I like to look at pictures on pinterest and don't lie, I know that many of you have created a pinterest board for your future wedding. I am one of them, I love to see wedding ideas and I love to see the dresses. My God, I can't decide which dress to wear and I don't even have a groom. 

One of the dresses that are very popular are the ones with princess sleeves, like sleeping beauty. Uff those are too beautiful. But also my favorites are the dresses with long sleeves because they are perfect for weddings in cooler seasons or for a more sophisticated and covered look. I feel it's more elegant as the sleeves can be lace, sheer or with small details.

That's why I want to share with you the dresses that I loved the most and that are very trendy.

So that you can choose the perfect dress for your wedding I will give you a few tips that I hope will help you a lot.

- Know your body, i.e. identify which cuts flatter your figure. For example, I think the mermaid cut is not for everyone.

- You should also think about the season and the place. For example, if you decide to have your wedding at the beach there are special and very beautiful dresses. That's why you should adapt the style of the dress depending on the weather and style of wedding.

- You should also choose a dress that reflects your personal style and that you feel comfortable in. Remember it's your wedding, so enjoy it!

I hope you liked these tips and ideas. Don't forget to follow me on instagram as @valemoodsblog