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Good evening dear readers, how have you been? I've spent the day watching movies and series, I love to give me that kind of marathons because it relaxes me a lot. By the way, check out the series “My Lady Jane”, it's great. I know that series will make you smile and besides it has a love story, I fell in love with the Lord obviously.

But let's talk about today's post which is about easy outfits ideas for women over 50. Because fashion has no age and it is important to feel comfortable and confident with what we wear. These outfits are designed to highlight your personality, adapt to different occasions and, above all, offer comfort and look fashionable.

The key to dressing well after 50 is to find a balance between current fashion and classic pieces. That's why I say that when choosing outfits, it's not about following all the trends to the letter, but selecting those that complement your personal style. In addition, it is essential to opt for clothes that fit your figure well and make you feel good about yourself.

One of the top outfits is to wear straight cut pants with a silk blouse, the pants can be in a neutral color such as black, white or gray. Combine these pants with a pastel colored blouse like pink or lilac and choose a medium heeled shoes and most importantly, do not forget the accessories that are not too flashy to achieve a sophisticated and comfortable look.

martes, 9 de julio de 2024

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Good afternoon dear readers, how are you? I am watching one of my favorite series as I write this and I love to see the haircuts of the actors. I find it amazing how a hairstyle totally changes a person.

That's why today I thought I would share with you some hairstyle ideas for people with thin and fine hair. Because fine and thin hair is a type of hair that is characterized by having a smaller diameter compared to other types of hair, in short it is thinner and people usually look like they have little hair. 

Therefore, I will give you some tips for fine hair to look amazing:

- I recommend you use volumizing shampoos and conditioners that don't weigh your hair down. Because the most important step to get volume in fine hair starts in the shower.

- You should blow dry your hair with your head down to add volume from the roots.

- Choosing layered cuts can give the appearance of more density. This is the ideal cut and below I will show you many examples and I hope you will be inspired.

- Avoid excessive heat, i.e. use heat tools sparingly to avoid damaging fine hair. It is very delicate.

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Good afternoon dear readers, how have you been? I had a somewhat difficult and complicated week that has passed and I thank God that it has been solved. One thing I used to do to distract myself was to draw, it really relaxed me too much and made me forget things because I need hours and hours to draw. Even though I enjoy it.

Well now let's talk about today's post about fashion outfits to go to the office. I know that going to the office no longer means sacrificing personal style for a formal and boring outfit. There are so many options now and the bosses are friendlier. Besides, it's not just about dressing well, it's about projecting an image that inspires confidence and professionalism, while reflecting your unique personality. I love this!

That's why I'm going to suggest some comfortable yet stylish outfits that are the perfect combination. Finding the perfect balance between elegance and comfort for a day at the office may seem like a challenge, but with the right choice of clothing and accessories, it is possible to achieve a professional look without sacrificing comfort. 

The office is a space where we spend much of our time, so it is essential to dress in a way that makes us feel good both physically and emotionally. The outfits we choose should allow us to move freely, and at the same time, reflect our sense of style. 

- It is essential to have a few key pieces that serve as the foundation of your wardrobe. You should definitely have a blazer, a quality white shirt and dress pants in neutral tones. These pieces are not only versatile but can also be combined in multiple ways to create different looks.

- In addition, accessories are your best allies to add a personal touch to your office look. I recommend you to have an elegant watch, a black bag and some leather shoes. Remember that less is more; opt for pieces that complement your outfit without overloading it.

Now I will give you a lot of outfit ideas that I hope you like a lot!