lunes, 15 de abril de 2024

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Good morning dear readers, how are you? I am watching a novela with my mom, I don't know if I have told you but we have become a fan of Mexican novelas. Seriously those novelas are very interesting and we have been watching this novel every morning for more than a month now. 

Since mother's day is coming up, I asked my mom what outfits she was going to wear that day. So, I thought I would share with you many outfits ideas for mother's day. 

If you are going out that day, I bring you some amazing outfits to look amazing that day. If you are going to a lunch, dinner, party, here you can find many ideas for all tastes. I just wish you a great day.

domingo, 14 de abril de 2024

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Good afternoon dear readers, how are you? I was out partying this weekend, well it was my dad's birthday a little while ago, but since he is very reserved he just had a little get together with his friends and my mom cooked a delicious dish. There was also cake and lots of soda. You know what I got him, well he has been asking me for a camera for a long time so I will get him a camera because we are just going to buy one. Well that's a little summary of my week. What did you guys do?

Something that saddens me is that the years go by and I see that my parents are getting older, I have always seen them young but when I realize how old they are I fall in a little shock of how fast time goes by. It's something I feel with my friend, I told her and she said she feels the same way about her parents. But well, now let's change the subject. Well, something like this.

I started thinking about hairstyle ideas for women over 70, because I almost always see them with the same look. But believe me, at 70 you can still look fabulous and radiant. These looks I will show you are perfect to enhance your natural beauty and confidence at any age. 

I know that when it comes to choosing a hairstyle as you get older, it's all about finding something that makes you feel comfortable and stylish, as well as reflects your personality. But, it doesn't hurt to try new things, why not try an asymmetrical cut? So, I'll leave you with lots of ideas below.