miércoles, 24 de abril de 2024



Good afternoon dear readers, how are you? I'm eating some empanadas while watching a comedy show, I don't know why I always have to have something in the background, be it songs, movies or soap operas. That's when I write, because I also love silence, I love to be lying on my bed looking at the ceiling and warm like a chick in its nest when it's cold. Hopefully this year it will be cold. 

Well this post is specially for curly girls, I know you will love this post because I bring you some amazing hairstyles and looks that you will love. Although I am a straight haired girl, I love curly hair too. But it's really hard to keep it shiny and beautiful, I know that they are always looking for masks and care. That's why I admire them. 

Here you will find many beautiful ideas, I know it's hard to find hairstyle ideas for curly hair, a tip is to dye your curls blonde, uff you will look amazing. In a next post I will advise you some natural masks for your curly hair.

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