domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2022



Hello beautiful women, how are you? I'm a little tired because of all the tasks that the university leaves me and I just hope to pass, that's all I ask. I also tell you that the new season of the Winx series has been released, I don't know if you were fans of this cartoon, well it started as a cartoon several years ago and now Netflix adapted it as a series with people and the plot also changed, now it's darker. 

If you have not seen this series, I recommend it because it is very entertaining. Well girls, today I bring you a very interesting post, it's about minimalist outfits ideas, I really love this post. But how is the minimalist style, Coco Chanel said very well that "simplicity is the key to true elegance", and it is precisely with this simplicity with which a minimalist outfit is produced.

Best of all, this fashion style is less complicated and more economical! In order to achieve this minimalist style, simply try to combine simple garments and transform them into elegant looks. For this you only need basic garments, neutral colors and accessories that complement without saturating. That's why I bring you these outfit ideas to inspire you.

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