lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2022



Hi girls, how are you? I'm a little stressed as usual, since I always have homework. But well, I tell you that today I started watching a new novel that is very interesting, I'll tell you soon what it's about because I've only seen the first chapter. 

Today I had a light bulb and I wanted to do a post about outfits ideas for plus size women, since they almost always think that there are no nice clothes for them. But, hey let me tell you that no, there are and lots of them. So, this time I will bring you some outfit ideas that you will love.

But first I will leave you some 5 tips that you will love to achieve an amazing look and also this will make you feel beautiful.

1. Not too big, not too small. By this I mean that everything has to do with the right proportion and more so when a woman is chubby, it starts with the clothes you wear; not too tight, not too loose.

2. Focus on what you like. It is important that you focus on what you love about your body and exploit it. This will make you feel more confident.

3. Color. Combine bright colors with neutral tones. Look for the most colorful garment to be on the part of your body that is the least bulky or the part you want to emphasize so that the contrast with the neutral visually gives you a slimming effect. Isn't it great?

4. Accessories. It is important to invest in your accessories, you will look much more elegant and above all you will feel great. I also recommend you to take into account that these accessories should not be small so that they do not look disproportionate to your body.

5. Keep prints to a minimum. If you like clothes with prints it's fine to wear them but do not look for those that are very colorful.

7 comentarios:

  1. Pretty outfits but most of the women are not plus sizes

  2. Not significant to plus size.
    Totally missed the mark.

  3. Muy lindas las combinaciones. Cómodas y prácticas.

  4. I'm sorry but I wouldn't call any of these models chubby 🙄

  5. Totally missed the point of plus size women.

  6. None of those women were plus size!!!!

  7. I was excited to see some outfit ideas for my plus size body and would have loved if the models were also plus size so I could get an idea of how the outfit would look on me, very disappointing.