miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2022



Hello my dear readers, how are you? I tell you that I am very very happy because something incredible happened to me that really here I can know that if you try something until you achieve it, you do achieve it. I tried about 3 times and only on the third time they accepted me, and that's why I'm so happy, I'll tell you later.

Well girls, this time I bring you a post with lots of outfits ideas. I hope you get inspired. Remember that you can dress as you want, but if you want you can read some tips that I have put in the previous posts to achieve an amazing look.

One tip I can give you about following the fashion trends nowadays is that yes, follow the trends but in your own way, give it your own style. And about bags, try to invest in a neutral color so you can combine it with any outfit.

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  1. Some of the options need to be updated. It's not flattering at all.