martes, 28 de junio de 2022



Hi beautiful people, how are you? I'm almost officially on vacation, I say that because I finished all my exams and I finished delivering all my work, uff seriously I finally feel at peace and calm, but as you read at the beginning is almost official, because I have only one shift left at the hospital and I finish everything, and then vacation for only a week, how sad. One week is very little, but I will take advantage of it by sleeping.  

Well, let's not talk about me and let's talk about today's post, it's too interesting. As you read in the title, this time I bring you ideas for aesthetic rooms. But first, take a look at the thumbnail I made for this post, I think those drawings are very nice, I really loved the thumbnail. 

These ideas for your room are great because as you will see most of them have those led lights that make your room look more beautiful. I have always been told that fixing up your room makes you relax and your vibes change, do you believe it?

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