lunes, 4 de julio de 2022



Hello dear girls, how was your day today? I was a little discouraged, because I wanted to start off on the right foot this month since I wanted to publish a post since July 1, but for study reasons I could not publish anything, that had me stressed. Also yesterday I received a bad comment, I mean that shouldn't affect me but also because I have been sad these last few days, the comment I read made it worse. 

So, I want to apologize if you see this blog shorter, because I used to write a lot of text, I used to tell you how my day was going, but now since I stopped talking to guys through dating apps, I don't have many stories anymore. I don't know why but right now I don't want to fall in love with anyone because it ends badly. Before I didn't really care about that, because I liked to meet a lot of guys and really every guy is a story. Wow now that I remember that, I find it funny and it made me want to meet new guys. I will try in the little time I will have available. I also wanted to comment that if the posts are very short is because I wanted you guys to have more post, more ideas and that's why they are shorter. I wanted to know your opinion, if you want changes or not. 

But well, let's talk about today's post, this time I bring you the essential items that you must have in your wardrobe. I know you will love this post, because there will be many ideas and tips for these outfits. By the way, these outfits are for fall for women over 40 years old.

By the way, when I was referring to the comment that made me feel sad, it said that the outfits I upload are for younger women, so beautiful people who read me, I believe that all of us can dress the way we want. We choose, we only live once. Now I will recommend you some outfits with a lot of love.

- Coats

I love fall because we can wear coats because they are very nice and you can combine them with different clothes. I especially love beige coats. Also you can combine it with long boots, you will look beautiful.

- Cardigan

The cardigan is a knitted jacket and it is a very basic garment that you must have in your closet. It is a light garment and the best of all is that we can find them in a lot of colors so we can complement them with a lot of other garments.

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