sábado, 25 de junio de 2022



Hi guys, what's up? I'm watching one of my favorite series, I mean, it's not the best series in the world but it's very entertaining and interesting. It's called "Love and Anarchy", this series is about the forbidden love of an older woman with a 22 year old boy and the plot is about how their relationship evolves. I really believe that age doesn't matter, if you get along well with a person and you complement each other, I think that's enough to be together. It's been a while since I fell in love with someone, I think I should download tinder to hang out and to tell you my love disaster stories. 



But well, today I bring you a very interesting and cool post that I'm sure will help you a lot. It occurred to me to give you some ideas of prom dresses. I know that on prom day we girls want to be radiant and gorgeous, we want to be the center of attention and we have to accept it. So, I will show you some ideas that I collected from pinterest so you can choose the dress design that you want. Don't forget also to choose a makeup that is stunning, but above all that makes you feel comfortable.



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