martes, 3 de mayo de 2022



Hi girls, how are you? today was a bit heavy for me, it gave me a headache but well, we have to look at it positively, I'm writing a post for you. I've also been watching a series called Baby, which is entertaining but it doesn't really catch me. 

Now, talking about today's post, I thought of looking for some ideas for aesthetic cakes. I love this style of cake. Fun fact, on my birthday I made my own cake, I looked for a design and with a little bit of fosh I managed to make those beautiful drawings. It is a very economical option. 

By the way, this time I bring you 60 beautiful ideas, this will be an inspiration for some special day, either for your birthday or maybe you can use it if you want to sell these beautiful cakes.

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  1. Did you draw all the cakes for the cover page? It looks amazing. I do cakes as a little side line from my regular job, it's fun but a lot of work. My IG page is happycakestt