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Good evening dear readers, how are you? I am happy and tired at the same time because this post I bring you was a bit laborious since I edited a lot. So I hope you like it a lot, I love editing photos, before I used to make tutorial videos on youtube about photo editing. You know, I think I should have studied graphic design, but I am a true believer that on the internet you can learn a lot, there are thousands of tutorials. 

Now let's talk about today's post, this time I bring you an essential winter wardrobe for women over 40 years old. In addition I will also give you ideas of beautiful and elegant outfits that I hope you love like me. I also hope it will give you a lot of inspiration. I know that this time of the year some people think they can't look fashionable, but of course you can look good. In this post I will give you some great ideas where you will not find sweaters, but other garments, but we must necessarily have a coat.

If you want to create your own wardrobe, you must follow a neutral color palette. The examples I will give you range from white, black, blue, beige and this is so you can easily mix your garments. Now I will tell you the essential garments to create your winter wardrobe capsule.

- Jeans: you must have a pair of jeans, it's true that they are casual but you can also wear them in an elegant way. You can combine them with long boots or heels as you will see below.

- White pants: I love this garment because it gives that touch of brightness to our look and it can be used at any time of the year, as it is perfect for outfits that you decide to use in winter and summer. A style of white pants that I recommend is the wide pants as this style is definitely a must-have, if you want to be comfortable and with the latest trends this is the best option. It fits very well to those women with pear-shaped bodies because it balances the hips with the lower part of the body.

- Striped blouse: this garment you can not miss at all because they are super versatile, plus the vertical stripes give the impression of lengthening the figure.

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