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Good evening dear readers, how are you? I'm about to go to sleep but I didn't want to miss this post that I had in mind since very early today. I love writing for you and I'm already very active on instagram as @valemoodsblog, I hope you can follow me there. I have a lot of post ideas that I hope you like.

This time I bring you a post about how to look expensive. I'll give you some simple tips to achieve it, plus I'll also give you some outfit ideas to inspire you. Remember that you don't necessarily have to be rich to look expensive. 

As a first tip, invest in quality basics. For example, a well-fitted white shirt or classic black pants can instantly make any outfit look expensive. Combine these versatile garments with more modern pieces for a high-end look. 

Wear black. I don't mean wear all your clothes in black, NO! Black is a neutral color that goes with absolutely everything. Since it is a solid color, it coordinates with other colors and patterns. 

Another tip is that if you can't afford to buy luxury brand clothes, it's best to avoid imitations like the plague, as they are always easy to spot. Wear the basics and if you can invest the money in good shoes and accessories.

A haircut. Invest in a good haircut. Make sure you have a hairdresser who pays attention to detail. A good haircut is a feat of optical illusion as it determines a person's perception of how stylish your silhouette is. Isn't it great?

Don't wear flashy or colorful makeup. Look for neutral or nude colored makeup options. Low-shine. Don't use very voluminous eyelashes either, because sometimes they look like brooms.

Wear sunglasses. I know this sounds like a cheap trick, but adding sunglasses to your outfit can make your look more stylish and expensive in an instant. I love wearing sunglasses. When I see people with sunglasses and a good outfit, they really look amazing.

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