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Hello dear readers, it's me again, how have you been? I'm still a little down in the dumps but that's because I'm on my days. I know you understand me. I know that for other people it's normal, but for me it's not normal, I mean sometimes it is but sometimes it's not. But one thing I love is that my kitty is always with me on the first day. 

But well, today I bring you an incredible post that is very on trend. Although it's been a couple of months that it's been in fashion, but it's still very trendy. This time, I bring you outfits ideas with the famous classic style of Mary Jane shoe. These shoes have something of the coquette style but the color that is in fashion is red. 

So, this post is short because I will show you mostly outfits ideas so you can be inspired to wear these beautiful shoes. The great thing about these shoes is that you can wear them with any outfit, whether you are looking for a formal or relaxed style, Mary Jane shoes are versatile and elegant enough to suit any occasion. 

- You can pair a casual denim and t-shirt ensemble with a pair of sleek black Mary Janes. 

- Alternatively, you can opt for a monochromatic look by wearing all black and adding a pop of color with your Mary Janes. 

Remember, the key to wearing Mary Janes is to have fun and experiment with different styles. That's why I'll give you more than 20 outfit ideas. Whether you're looking for a laid-back look or you want to make an impression, these shoes are versatile enough to complement any outfit. So don't be afraid to mix and match and find the perfect combination to suit your personal style.

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