lunes, 19 de febrero de 2024



Good afternoon dear readers, how are you? I'm coming back after a few days of having disappeared from here but I've been planning some little things these days and I have proof in my notebook that it took me about 4 days in the whole process. So now I have the real tips to share with you, so now I will share with you a lot of ideas about everything.

This time, I will give you makeup tips plus more than 27 very explanatory images that you will love and will help you a lot in your makeup. I loved it because they are ideas that helped me a lot when it comes to makeup.

But first I'll give you some tips for your skin care:

- The most important thing is always to know what type of skin you have to know how to treat it.

- Then you have to be consistent with your facial routine.

- You have to always try to stay hydrated.

- Never stop using your sunscreen, this is super important.

- You should exfoliate your skin once a week.

- You can apply natural face masks on weekends.

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