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Good evening dear readers, how have you been? I disappeared again but this time I had some strong and delicate reasons, the good thing is that everything has been getting better and that's why I want to write to you because I am in a better mood. By the way, today is Valentine's Day, I wish you have a great day and have a great time with your partners or friends.

But seriously I have a lot of nice ideas and some top tips. Also I have not been very active because to pass the time I have been reading the book The Snow Society, which let me tell you, is the best book in the world. It is very good, if you have already seen the movie, you must read the book, it is very good.

But well, now I want to tell you about today's post which is about outfits with jeans and how to look elegant with this garment. I hope you like this post and share it with your friends. I will give you more than 20 outfits ideas that I hope you like a lot.

Now I will give you some tips on how to combine jeans with shoes. So grab a sheet of paper and a pencil and write down these tips.

If you wear a straight jean, you can wear it with strappy sandals, sneakers, loafers or booties.

If you wear boyfriend jeans, you can wear them with loafers, pointed toe booties and white sneakers.

So, if it comes to jeans, opt for straight cut jeans, as it is a timeless basic and can be combined with different garments. The straight cut fits all body types and is the best option for a good work image.

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