lunes, 26 de febrero de 2024



Good afternoon dear readers, how have you been? I'm watching a podcast as I write this, well I should have said, I'm listening, but since it's a video he said I'm watching. You know. I thought I was never going to like podcasts but in the end I loved podcasts, I mean who doesn't love gossip, me? But yes, I don't see myself participating in a podcast, I feel like I'd be a blank slate and I couldn't give fashion tips. Because when I exposed in class I looked at the wall and exposed, but if I looked at the face of my classmates I got very nervous.

Well, now I want to share today's post that excites me a lot because it is something very interesting that I hope you like a lot, it makes me very excited because I do not know how I did not think to share this post before. Well well. Today's post is about makeup ideas for women over 50 years old.

Yes, just as you read it, don't think that because you are older you can't wear makeup, no, no, no, no. Of course you can. Of course you can, you can wear makeup. You will see the images I am going to share with you. Of course, you should use more neutral colors and not very strong colors. In fact, if you wear makeup, you will look 10 years younger. But you should always use your moisturizer. Don't forget.

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