lunes, 26 de febrero de 2024



Hello dear readers, how was your weekend? did you go out? mine was very quiet, well quiet compared to the last weeks. I was able to rest a little bit, I don't know why on Sundays I get so sleepy and I feel so lazy to stay in bed all day. Literally, I spent the whole day watching movies with my mom. I didn't eat almost nothing, because I was a little sick, but I feel great now.

Here it is still very hot, although the values indicate that it is not very hot, the thermal sensation is very high, I hope that winter arrives soon because I already want to wear my t-shirts. What I hate about summer is that I can't clean the house in peace, every time I move I sweat a lot, I take two steps, I sweat. But yesterday I had to clean a little bit. That's why I miss the winter so I can clean in peace.

By the way, I don't know if I have done it before on the blog but I want to bring you a small section of just ideas, for example this post is one of them. I want to name this section #littlepost and it's about ideas to make your house look amazing with mirrors. These ideas are amazing and I know you will be inspired, so get inspired to remodel your home with these ideas.

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