jueves, 19 de octubre de 2023



Good afternoon dear readers, how are you? today I am very, very happy because I bring you a very cool post and something new. What I do know is that this post will be a little short but I will still give you some very valuable tips that will help you to have beautiful outfits. There is no person who loves to create outfits more than me. Don't forget to follow me on instagram as @valemoodsblog to see much more content.

As I said this post is something new, and I bring you 4 outfits that I found on instagram that I hope you like a lot. The credits are in the same photos. If you like it a lot, go and follow it because it has very nice content.

Now I will give you some very nice tips that I hope you like a lot. Remember also to test them and you will see the results of your outfits. All these tips is to have a natural and simple style.

- Choose an accessory or star garment, with this I mean that you choose a key element in your look, it will make your look will be elevated.

- Regarding comfortable fabrics, I recommend that you only wear one comfortable garment and not 2. An example would be a leggin pant with a blazer. A great and cute look.

- Lastly, don't just wear jeans. I have seen, believe me many people who only wear jeans. Dare to wear dresses, skirts. There are a lot of nice clothes. There is only one life to have the same outfit.

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