martes, 17 de octubre de 2023


Good morning dear readers, how are you? how are you starting your day? I don't usually get up so early, I'm more of a 10 am wake up person. It's something I don't like about myself, I would like to be a morning person who gets up at 5 am, how much I long to be that person. But I also love to sleep. 

Well, let's stop talking about my sleep and talk about me. This time I bring you 15 ideas of outfits that you should wear if or if. I know you will love these ideas as much as I do. My mom is renovating her wardrobe and that's why she has given me some tips that I will share with you. By the way, don't forget to follow me on instagram @valemoodsblog for more outfit ideas. I will be uploading a lot more content there. Don't miss it.

I will tell you 3 mistakes to avoid when choosing your outfits. So take note of these top tips that I hope you take into account. 

1- Remember that light colors create a visual effect of widening, so you must know how to compensate the color theme.

2- You should not place the prints on the parts of your body that you want to divert attention as this will create more volume in that area. Something like Christmas sweaters. 

3- Regarding the cuts, you should avoid many horizontal cuts if you want to look tall and stylish, vertical cuts are the best option.

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  1. Hello
    I've just discovered your blog. I love your different outfits ideas. And don't worry, I'm also not a morning person, especially in winter. The sun rises around 9am where I live, and it is very hard for me to get up before that. There's no shame in being a night owl.