lunes, 24 de julio de 2023



Hi girls, how are you? it's a new day and today the sun is shining all over my house. As promised I have several daily posts that you will love and there will be a little bit of everything. By the way, I'm also taking the opportunity to do my favorite hobby, watching series.

This time, I bring you some ideas to decorate your living rooms. I don't know about you, but my mom loves to decorate her living room, she designed it herself and it turned out very nice. So, now I will tell you some tips for beginners. I hope you find them very useful.

- Start with what you have. This may be a very obvious tip but I recommend that you start with what little you have. But you must take into account natural light sources, location of doors and windows, and most importantly for me, location of switches and outlets. This is key to getting started.

- Look for inspiration. And for that I bring you over 20 inspirational ideas that I am sure you will love. But if you still want more ideas, you can go to pinterest, there are more options there.

- Identify your decorating style. Each person has a unique style, for example I love everything white, but there are people who love a country style. Which is also beautiful. So, according to that you choose what you want or don't want.

- Use lighting to your advantage. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of lighting or not, the colors will depend on it. In addition, the right lighting has the power to give warmth to a space and even make it more spacious if you have a small house.

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