miércoles, 26 de julio de 2023


Good afternoon dear friends, how are you? Have you seen the last Barbie movie? Seriously if you have not seen it you have to see it, but I do not recommend that children see it, because it touches on particular issues and there are dialogues with double meaning, you know.

But the movie itself is cool and great, it's not boring at all, well the ending is a little bit or it depends on each person. Oh by the way, you guys came to air with your barbie outfit or something pink. Well the truth is, I didn't, I was a little embarrassed, but at the end when I got to the movie theater there were a lot of people with their pink outfits, even kids. OMG!

So, since there are still some people who are a bit daring and don't care what others think, this time I bring you some ideas of barbie outfits that are really beautiful. I love barbie's style, she has pink and very pretty clothes. By the way, I already bought the cowboy boots.

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