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Hi beautiful women, how are you? I just finished my class today, and I have about 3 days off, so don't be surprised if you see a lot of posts here, I'm very motivated.

This time I will tell you how to dress if you are petite women. Petite women are short, they are about 1.50 meters tall. I know that every time we look for clothes we suffer, I say this because I am also this height and looking for clothes is a total nightmare. Almost everything is too long and we suffer.

- Dresses for petite women

Dresses are very pretty, but sometimes they confuse us with little girls. That's why a tip is that you should choose it with neckline and that the dress is high as to the knees. 

- Pants

The skinny cut will always make you look slimmer, but don't hold back and play with the trends adapting them to your silhouette. I love mom jeans. You just have to pay attention to the length of the pants and if not, send them to a seamstress.

- Necklines

V-cut necklines are ideal for short women, as they make the torso look longer and stylize the figure. Isn't it great?

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