miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2022



Hello dear beautiful women, how are you? I'm very excited because I'm going to design invitations and cliparts to earn some money, I'll tell you more soon. You know I like to design, before I shared with you some super cute printables. 

Also today I woke up too inspired and I thought of doing a post about hairstyles for women over 50 years old. I hope you like these ideas and get inspired. Remember that you can do whatever you want, you just need to be confident.

I say this because before in previous times it was too common for older women to cut their hair, because they said that long hair is only for young girls. I was shocked, thank goodness that now everyone looks the way they want. 

I ask you to please give me more post ideas, and I will gladly do it.

11 comentarios:

  1. I was wondering if you can post pictures on brown skin with curly salt/pepper hair. Im spanic.

    1. Wow.... race is everywhere. THIS IS A POST ABOUT HAIR, NOT SKIN!

  2. Más viejas pareces con estos looks de cabellos grises

  3. How do these women get so much volume with these cuts? I love them but I just don't have much volume in my hair

  4. Where are the older women? Donde están los señores más viejas.

  5. Since I've gone gray, my hair has a lot more texture, so I am able to get more body/volume out of it when it is freshly washed. If I add styling products, I can get a lot of volume.