martes, 17 de mayo de 2022



Hello beautiful girls, how are you? for me, today was not my day because I had to practice at the hospital and wow they treated me badly as if I were anything, they sent me to do work that I didn't know and they didn't even want to teach me. They only told me to ask any doubt, but when I asked they only answered me that I should already know that and I was like wtf?

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you a little piece of my life so you can see that there is always someone who has a bad time. So positive vibes my friends. Now I'm watching a movie with Oscar Isaac who wow he looks so young and handsome. I knew him from Moon Knight which is the best series in the world.

Now if I won't get off topic I'll talk to you about the topic of the post which I'm sure you already saw in the title. Well this time I bring you a post about beautiful design ideas for your short nails. Yes, the fact that you have short nails doesn't stop you from having fabulous nails.

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