sábado, 14 de mayo de 2022


Hi girls, how was your day today? my day was very relaxed actually but I was very sleepy all day because I didn't sleep at all. Actually I did sleep, but very late and very few hours because I stayed up watching movies. Well today I had an internship at the university but there were only about 5 patients and they were all for evaluation, and mostly to take their medical history. 

One thing I liked about today is that it feels like spring at last. I think it's my favorite season, because I used to love summer but since I got older I kind of hated it. But I never loved winter because I don't like the clothes, they're too big or you have to wear a lot of jackets and I'm not that skinny, it looks a little bad on me. It's a big complex that I have and I would like to overcome it but it's difficult. 

I kind of went off topic. The nice thing about spring is the outfits because you can wear dresses. I love dresses because they are so comfortable and they are so pretty. There are so many designs and cuts, uff the dresses are beautiful. 

So, this time I bring you some outfits ideas for this spring that I hope you like and that will inspire you.

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