viernes, 18 de marzo de 2022



Hello girls, how are you? I am very happy, because I am writing this from Oxapampa. Yes, just as you read it, I am on a trip, and Oxapampa is a very, very nice place. The houses are beautiful, they have a unique style, although almost all the houses are the same, but it still has that unique style that you can only find here in Oxapampa.


But well, very soon I will write a very nice post about Oxapampa. Very soon I will give you the best tips to have the best stay in this beautiful place.

Well girls, now let's talk about today's post, it's about some ideas so you can decorate your study desk. If you saw my desk, it's a complete mess. That's why I keep looking for some nice ideas to decorate my desk, so I decided to share with you these nice ideas I found.

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