domingo, 20 de marzo de 2022



Hi girls, how is your day going? I am going out in at least 2 hours with my friends. As I told you, I'm in Oxapampa, I'm really used to being here. It is a beautiful town. Also, last night I bought some nice souvenirs that I found in a beautiful fair. There were hamburgers, juices, and as I said many souvenirs.

Well girls, since sometimes in the hospital there are not many patients, I have some free time and I start reading sentences. So, I turned on the light bulb, and I want to share with you some great quotes. These phrases are about sarcastic phrases.

- For un 3am scenarios.


- Good afternoon ladies and disappointments.


- Pronouns are she. Just she, sorry I couldn't be her.


- Even buzz lightyear knows how fire my pixar.


- icarly without the car.


- You talk behind my back? idc ur behind me for a reason.


- Thats me lol.


- Incase you need a new wallpaper!!


- You didn't sneeze but I blessed ur feed.


- No papaer or pen but Im still drawing ur attention. 



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