jueves, 27 de enero de 2022


Hi guys, how are you? I'm watching my favorite novela and I'm sad that it will soon be over. I completely fell in love with the main characters and the plot is great and very entertaining. I also want to tell you that today I couldn't go to the gym because I fell asleep and I feel very sore, my whole body hurts. 

Don't you sometimes don't know what to wear or how to combine the different clothes you have in your closet? Because the truth is, I make a huge mess combining my clothes and I even think and say that I don't have any clothes. I know that many of you say you have no clothes, when in fact you have a lot of clothes. 

That's why this time I bring you some outfits ideas so you don't run out of ideas when it comes to combine your clothes. I hope you like these ideas and support me a lot.

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