jueves, 27 de enero de 2022



Hi guys, how are you? I'm feeling sick and I don't feel very well. This week has not been the best for me. Right now I have a belly ache that won't stop. But well, it's a matter of having good spirits and not giving it importance.

Anyway, this time I came up with something interesting. I like to draw a lot, it was my favorite hobby. So, this time I will give you some tips so that you can draw much better. I hope you like these tips and I will also give you some images that are references for your drawings. 

Remember that practice is the most important thing when trying to perfect your drawings. The references will help you to build up a kind of stored information so that you can select the best.

The tips are:

1- Learn anatomy. I recommend using applications like Magic Poser to practice anatomy.

2- Watch a lot of tutorials if you can't go to drawing classes. On youtube there are thousands of very good videos, it's just a matter of searching.

3- To practice anatomy you can also practice tracing the structures that an anime or drawing character would have. On pinterest there are many ideas. Below I told you a lot of ideas. 

4- Read and study drawing books. On the internet there are several books that are totally free, but I have seen on amazon that there are very good books. 

5- It is not necessary to have expensive materials, first start with the materials you have. 

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