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Good morning dear readers, it's me again, how are you? I've been out of the loop because I've been downloading a lot of fonts, I don't know why but since I've been going out to do some important things and I had to be in waiting rooms, I started to look for fonts for the images I'm going to share with you so I wouldn't get bored. I was also looking for how to design more beautifully because I always choose the same colors, so I was a little busy but I'm back again.

This time I bring you outfits ideas for women over 30. Because when we are 20 years old we dress a little more daring and flirty, but just seeing the number 30 is like more serious. However, being 30 is not a synonym for boring outfits, no! We can still wear fabulous outfits that I will share with you at the end. But first I will give you a lot of tips.

1- Combine your outfits with white sneakers

Wearing jeans with sneakers is the best combination in the world, it gives you a youthful touch, you can also wear long skirts with sneakers. That would look really great.

2- Invest in versatile dresses

I recommend you to buy dresses that you can wear at night and during the day, that you can combine with heels and sneakers.

3- A basic like a blazer

You must have this basic garment in your wardrobe, you can combine it with absolutely everything. I recommend you to buy different neutral colors like black, brown, nude and white. 

4- Choose comfortable shoes

At this age we no longer have to put up with walking with heels, I recommend you to choose comfortable shoes like moccasins, low heeled boots and obviously sneakers. 

I hope you liked these tips and if you want to keep seeing more content I recommend you to follow me on instagram as @valemoodsblog to see many more ideas. So remember that personal style is a form of expression, so feel free to adapt these tips to your preferences and personality. 

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