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Hello dear readers, how have you been? I have been very busy these days but I really wish I was back to write my tips as usual. I really have a lot of ideas to share with you but I don't want to fill you with too much information. Or maybe you guys want more than one post a day, please write in the comments your opinion.

Well, this time we are going to talk about outfits to go to work and some tips to get a professional look at the office.  I know you will love the outfits I am going to share with you because they are like sport chic, you will look very fashionable when going to the office.

An essential tip is not to wear very flashy blouses as this looks very vulgar and not formal at all. They might not fit in with your work environment. But you can feel free to use prints, but obviously not so colorful prints. Just keep in mind good taste and your company's dress code.

Regarding skirts, they should be knee-length and have a straight or slightly flared cut. This gives you many options such as wearing a pencil skirt, a crossover skirt or a skirt with ruffles.

As for footwear, opt for closed-toe shoes or loafers for an elegant look. Remember that comfort is key, so make sure you can walk confidently in your shoes all day long.  I for one am super bad at walking in heels. 

Lastly you can accessorize your look with small jewelry and a black clutch. You can also use another accessory like a watch as it is a subtle and stylish accessory.

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