domingo, 19 de noviembre de 2023



Good morning dear readers, how was your weekend? my weekend was very busy and with thousands of things to do. Well I had many visitors and it was nice, it had been a long time since I had a visit like these days. My grandmother visited me and it was nice, but to be honest I don't like certain comments made by older people, but well, you have to put up with it and put up with it. 

As we are already in cold weather, but to be honest I always wear a dress in any season. I love dresses, they are very comfortable and cool for summer and for winter I wear a long dress.  

But for this post I bring you some outfits ideas for this winter that I'm sure you will love. These outfits will make you look very classic and spectacular. I love these outfits because besides looking beautiful you will also be warm and very comfortable this winter.

But as always I will give you some tips to shine with these outfits. Balance is the key to wear an impact look. If you like a lot of colors and prints, the best way to use it is in one or two garments, as it is vital to match and generate visual harmony.

Another tip is to wear clothes that follow your silhouette. This will enhance your looks and physical characteristics, so you must know your silhouette well. For each different or trendy garment, buy 3 basic garments. 

Finally, if you are a short person, this tip goes for you, monochrome will always flatter you. Therefore, always choose garments of the same color for the whole outfit, this will visually create a straight line and this will make you get an instant length and radiate a slim silhouette.

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