martes, 7 de noviembre de 2023



Good morning dear readers, how are you? I am just waking up, the truth is that I wake up very late and the funny thing is that my kitty wakes up at that time too. Oh my god, I love my kitty with all my being, I swear he is my faithful companion.

This time I bring you more than 30 outfits ideas for thanksgiving, this is a day that is usually spent with family. Although there are other people who have events where a better outfit is required. 

These outfits that you will see are super comfortable and casual that I hope you like a lot. Since this day we will be on the move we have to have an outfit that allows us to move without any problem. With these outfits you will look spectacular.

A tip I give you is that you should opt for neutral tones, so choose brown, reddish, or beige tones to win this season. 

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