martes, 21 de noviembre de 2023



Good evening dear readers, how are you? I was watching soccer for the world cup qualification on tv, the truth is I'm not much of a soccer fan but I love when Argentina plays, although I'm not from that country but I love to see Messi play. It's amazing how he plays.

Well, I'm happy here and I keep posting posts about winter, I have many ideas and I will keep posting many ideas. This year was different because it wasn't so cold and I missed wearing my favorite sweater.

As always, in this post I will give you 20 outfits ideas for winter. But first I will give you some little tips to look stylish without having a lot of money.

Don't wear t-shirts with prints, but use neutral colored t-shirts, this will look more sustainable. Another tip is to replace tight pants with slim fit pants.

To look elegant choose plain jeans and not ripped or torn jeans. And something that is very essential is not to use nails with many colors, but a nude color or pastel colors, an example is Princess Diana.

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