martes, 3 de octubre de 2023



Good evening girls, how are you? I don't know where you are reading this. Although I tell you something, I would like to publish a new post every morning so that you feel accompanied and can have your breakfast reading a new post. I always tell you what happens to me. Although now my love life is very boring. 

I know this sounds contradictory, but in this post I bring you ideas for your wedding. I mean I'm not getting married yet, but I'm always looking for decoration ideas because I like the whole party decorating thing. Maybe in my other life I was a party decorator. In fact, right now I want to run a workshop on decorating in power point. I love power point with all my heart because you can do anything, really, you can do anything. 

But well, I hope you like these wedding decorating ideas very much. Really, in these ideas you can find everything from flower ideas to nail design.

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