domingo, 23 de julio de 2023



Hi girls, how are you? I'm here again, I have a week off. So I have a lot of posts coming up. I hope you read me because I will publish at least one post a day. You know you can also follow me on ig as @valemoodsblog to see lots of outfits ideas. 

Okay, blah blah blah blah, now let's start with today's post. This time I bring you outfits ideas for plus size girls. These ideas are really interesting, and I will also give you some tips that will be very useful.

A tip to wear jeans for chubby girls, the skinny jeans or pitullo are the best that you can choose. These jeans make you look slimmer and help you look slimmer. You can also add a long shirt or a kimono to help you feel more comfortable.

A tip from my mom is not to wear low sneakers, but to wear them with a little bit of height, this helps you look a little taller and therefore more stylish.

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