jueves, 1 de junio de 2023



Good evening friends, how are you? I've been a little bad today but it doesn't matter, I just hope to improve. I'm sorry for not posting almost anything, I've been too busy and every time I get home, I go to sleep straight away. I'm really tired. Today I did have some free time to write to you.

Now I will tell you what today's topic is about, as always I bring you some outfits ideas for women over 50 years old. I am sure you will love these great ideas and I will give you some tips.

This time, I will tell you how to dress minimalist. This type of style is ruled by "less is more". This is about dressing with clean cuts and neutral colors. The goal is to achieve a simple, elegant and comfortable outfit. 

Regarding accessories, they have the power to elevate any look. Just be sure to use accessories the right way. When it comes to handbags, it says a lot about a woman. Large bags should be worn during the day and on casual occasions.

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