jueves, 13 de abril de 2023



Hello beautiful women, how are you? I've been here for hours trying to write but I get distracted a lot with tiktok or reels. It's just that they are really entertaining. I don't know why I waste my time on those things, but here we are. Now, let's start with today's post. 

This time, I bring you some outfits ideas for women over 50 years old. These outfits are divine, I loved them because the combination is perfect. These outfits are casual and I'm sure you have some of them in your closet.

But the best thing about this post is that I will give you some tips to convey credibility. Since our image is a set of other elements and not just clothes. 

For example, I recommend straight lines and structured blazers. Regarding the prints should be discreet and classic. 

If you are going to wear tailored suits I recommend soft colors with fine fabrics. And finally the best of the best is a minimalist style, only the basics. Yes, these are some mini tips that I give you and I hope you find them very helpful.

One last tip I give you is that if you want a balanced look is that the right proportions in your clothes can enhance your silhouette, highlight your best features and create an overall balanced and harmonious look. Isn't that great?

7 comentarios:

  1. Adorei os looks... usáveis e fáceis de misturar... mudaria algumas coisas... adaptação ao corpo de cada um

  2. Me gustan mucho, pero prácticamente todos son con pantalones. Es que no existen los vestidos???

  3. Hola ayudaría mucho si ponen la información donde conseguir estas bellas ropas.

  4. nice outfits but... what woman over 50 would wear sleeveless tops? no one I know. Also are these women really over 50? Wow! they certainly won in the genetics pool!

  5. Many women over 50 need help camouflaging bellies. Some large and some smaller. Most of these outfits are not for women over 50.

  6. Most of these clothes could not be worn well by any woman past fifty. They are worn by tall, slender young women with defined waists. Are they attractive? Yes. Fifty? Definitely not.