sábado, 22 de abril de 2023



Good evening friends, how was your day? I have two meetings for tonight. One is my best friend's birthday and the other is my uncle's 50th birthday party. Hehe yeah I know, I'm stressed out already. I would like to go to only 1 but my mom wants me to go to both. So I will go to both. What I love about writing is that my kitty is always with me.

This time I bring you some great outfits for the street. I know some of us want to go out in style. So, I got some great ideas that you will love.

For example a stylish look is converse with white pants and oversize shirts. Wow it would look great. Another look would be to wear a bell bottom jumpsuit and converse. Too comfortable.

A mega tip is the 3 color rule. When putting together an outfit choose only 3 colors, this will elevate your look and make you look more elegant and harmonious.

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