lunes, 20 de marzo de 2023



Hi girls, how are you? I had a family outing today and I had a good time, we ate delicious food and my parents had a good time because it was one more outing in their style. My mom had an amazing time, she danced like a top. I wish I had her personality. She is very sociable and I am very shy.

But let's stop talking about me, here in my city autumn has already started but I swear it's hot as hell. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the arrival of winter.

Today I will talk about the basic clothes you need this winter. If you are already in winter then great for you. Basics save you in many situations when you have nothing to wear.

The first essential garment is the cloth coat because they are the typical long coats, they are very elegant and easy to combine. If it is very cold, you will feel cold obviously, but inside it is advisable to wear many layers. This way you will feel comfortable and above all warm, but you will look spectacular. Your outfit will be elevated.

The next garment is a sweater as it is very warm and goes with everything. You can wear it with low shoes or with boots. The colors I recommend are neutral colors like beige, brown, black, white. 

White shirts are a must. Since it is a basic, it combines with everything. For example you can combine it with a sweater under the shirt. Isn't it great?

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