domingo, 5 de marzo de 2023



Good morning beautiful women, how was your weekend? well my weekend was not much, as usual I spent it resting, sleeping late and listening to music. I hope you enjoyed your weekend to the fullest.

Well as you read in the title, today I bring you outfits ideas for short women outfits. I'll tell you right now that these tips are for women of all ages. So now let's continue in peace. 

Some tips I can give you is that:

- Dress monochromatically: This means that you dress in a single range of colors to create a vertical line that will make a lengthening effect to your figure. This is a great tip, I highly recommend it.

- Choose clothes with small prints: I say this because it will be more in line with your proportion. You will look radiant.

- Choose V-neck: This should be taken into account for all garments such as blouses, dresses, sweaters, etc, as this V-cut causes an optical effect that you will look taller. 

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