miércoles, 15 de marzo de 2023


Good afternoon dear readers, how is your day? well, it's me again. Today I wanted to bring you a super short post and I know you will like it. You know I have taken into account your comments where you give me the links, but seriously it's hard for me to follow every link of every outfit. I want to share a lot of ideas, that's what the post is about, but since I'm the only writer of the blog it's hard for me to find all the links. 

That's why I apologize for not meeting your expectations. I promise I will make a post for example of 5 outfits ideas where I will share the shopping links. 

But well, today's post I bring you 10 cute outfits for older women. I hope you like these ideas and take them into account when dressing. If you have a favorite garment you can get inspired and combine it.

This look with animal print and the flared jean looks great and spectacular.

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