jueves, 23 de febrero de 2023



Good morning beautiful women, how are you? I am excited because I am writing this very early in the morning. I don't know why, but when I woke up I really wanted to write to you. Because in the evenings I'm mostly out in the street because I can't stand this heat, my God, I want it to be cold.

But well, let's stop talking about the weather. Today I bring you a great post that I hope you like it a lot. As you read in the title, I bring you a lot of great soutfits, isn't it great?

But I will also give you fashion tips. The neutral colors as you already know are black, gray, ash, white, beige, light pink, brown and cream.

The great thing about these colors and neutrals is that they go with literally everything, from casual looks to blazers and everything dressy.

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