sábado, 11 de febrero de 2023



Hi girls, what's up? I just ate my lunch and came straight to the laptop to write this post that came to me at a moment's notice. Guys, I just realized that it's already February and I haven't done my vision board in physical form.

That's why I started looking for some ideas for my vision board. But first I will tell you what it is, a vision board is to plan how we want our year, our life to be. It's a positive board and it's great. 

How to create a vision board:

- First, look for vision board as inspiration to guide you. You can search on pinterest or right here I will leave you some ideas.

- Then plan, now that you know what you want your vision board to look like, make a draft of what you want to happen, what you want to happen. 

- Now look for ideas, pictures, phrases so you can make your board. I will also leave you some ideas.

- Finally add it to your virtual board or if you do it physically cut the images and paste it. 

Remember to put this board in a place where you will always have it present like your desk, on your wall, on your cell phone, etc.

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