domingo, 22 de enero de 2023



Good morning dear readers, how are you? I am a little overwhelmed by all the pending things I have to complete. But well, you know that I love writing to you, it relaxes me a lot, it's like my therapy. 

As you may have seen in the title, this time I bring you outfits, yes, more than 20 outfits ideas that I know you will love. But, that's not all. I will also give you some tips on 5 outfits that convey elegance. You will love these tips.

1-A good cotton or linen shirt will make your looks look amazing to go to work.

2- Palazzo pants, whatever your style is, take into account these pants, you will look amazing.

3- Nude color. This color looks amazing with any garment, it makes you look more elegant and not too full of colors. It is more subtle.

4- Structure bag. This type of bag is very nice and rigid. 

5- Blazer. This garment obviously enhances your look. You can combine it with jeans and a blouse, you will look amazing.

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