lunes, 9 de enero de 2023


Hi beautiful girls, how are you? I'm watching a mini movie because it's only 50 minutes long, it's one of the shortest movies I've ever seen. I have a question for you, do you believe in dreams? I don't know if I believe, because there are times when I dream about a special person but I don't really know and that makes me nostalgic. 

But well, me and my existential crises. Now let's talk about today's topic. I know there are times when we don't know how to go to the office or to our work. The truth is that I always run out of ideas. So, today I will give you more than 20 ideas of outfits to go to the office and look fantastic.

Some basic garments for these outfits, for example the basic of the basics is a white shirt, it is essential to have this because it is very versatile to wear it. Besides, it is necessary to have a blue shirt, it is very basic. You must have sober colors and not so flashy.

Another suggestion is to have cardigans, they are very comfortable and warm. Always put air conditioning or the same weather is cold, then this garment is appropriate. You can vary with colors, but especially neutral colors.

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